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'Gougane Sunday'
  Photo was taken yesterday morning at Gougane Barra, West Cork (Irl)  
Yesterday was the feast day of St. Finbarr and the patron of Cork. The oratory of St. Finbarr at Gougane Barra is a place of pilgrimage throughout the year but particularly on Sep 25th.
Thought For Today

Yesterday (Sep 25th) was the feast of St.Finbarr. Gougane Barra is located a few miles west of Ballingeary,in West Cork, situated in a picturesque setting and it was here that Finbarr built his monastery in the 6th century. Clearly Finbarr knew that the presence of God was very much present here particularly in the beauty of nature that is evident all year round. Against a backdrop of rugged hills, lakes, rivers and streams, Finbarr found great peace. The feast of St Finbarr reminds us all of the importance of appreciating so many important things around us. Life moves so fast we can miss them all. Every day is a day of blessing and we ask the blessings of St.Finbarr on ourselves, our families, our schools, our communities, and those who need a special prayer today. May St Finbarr continue to guide and direct us each day.

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