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'Slowing Winding Down'
(Archived on Wednesday - September - 06/09/2017 )

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  Photo was taken at Tooreenbawn, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
Honeybees at this time of the year are decreasing in numbers. The hard work of the summer is done now, with lots of honey stored to get them through the winter. A colony of bees may have 50,000 bees and during the winter this will decrease down to somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 bees. In the photo you can see stored honey on the outside, the next area is lots of stored pollen of different colours and the next area is the brood area.


Thought on Wednesday - September - 06/09/2017

Thought For The Week

'There was a huge, silent, internal satisfaction when I finally began to do the things I was designed to do. The old tasks of growing food, baking bread, making jam, tending animals and interacting with the natural world in a mutually beneficial way. We were designed by thousands of years of evolution to do these jobs.' ~ Shann Jones

I am currently reading a lovely book called 'Chuckling Goat' by Shann Jones. The book is about her journey from one extreme to another. She was a DJ with a San Francisco radio station. She had her own nightly chat show, with lots of interaction and a huge following. But life on a radio chat show comes with its pressures. Ratings and how many people listen to your show is the fine line between having a job or not. After 10 years at the top, Shann's contract was not renewed. She moved from San Francisco to a small farm in Wales. Her family and friends thought she was crazy but she persisted with her move.

The book is a lovely story about nature, farm life, trying different recipes, cooking, baking, gardening, farming, milking goats, selling the milk, making natural products, drinking lots of cups of tea, making new friends and much more. She uses the word "Texture" to describe the new life she found in Wales. In San Francisco she was burnt out and empty. But in Wales she found herself and she found that all the simple things in life gave her and her family what she calls "texture" and meaning.

Our scripture readings are also a collection of how God is the one who brings texture and meaning to our lives. We are told how rich the depths of God are. Everything comes from God we are told. God is the one who energises us, gives our life meaning and brings richness and a texture to our lives. No money can buy such a richness and texture. It doesn't protect or shield us from the knocks that life can bring to us. But it does put us in a much better position to deal with them. What brings you meaning and texture in your life?

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