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Even during the depth of winter there is always light and hope to be found. January can be a difficult month for many reasons and the January Wall is something many have to face. It is our heartfelt belief that no matter how high the wall may be, there is always light and hope to find away around the wall.

On This Day

On January 10th 1946 the first United Nations General Assembly met in London

On January 10th 2016 British singer, songwriter, and actor David Bowie died

Birthdays Today

Henry Shefflin (Kilkenny Hurler) is 44

Tom Meighan (Lead singer with Kasabian) is 42

Mary J Blige (Singer) is 52

Jamie Vardy (Leicester City Footballer) is 36

Bryan Robson (Former Man Utd Player) is 66

Saint For Today

The Saint for today Jan 10th is St William of Bourges

Significance Of Today

January is also known as Dry January when people give up drink for this month and sometimes longer. It offers an opportunity for the body, mind and wallet to get a little bit of a reset, Dry January has been growing in popularity in recent years across the world.

Interesting Quote For Today

‘It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” ~Aristotle

Did You Know

Did you know that we are getting two minutes extra daylight every day during January

Thought For The Week

You are a child of God, you are wonderfully made, dearly loved and precious in God’s sight” ~Psalm 139

Yesterday we celebrated the Baptism of Jesus. It is always in early January just after Christmas and its meaning is often lost as we adjust our lives back into routine again. January can be a quiet month especially when we compare it to the hectic energy of December. January may be quiet, but it invites us to new beginnings no matter how small. This is at the heart of any baptism.

No one is in doubt about how special any baptism is but over time it has evolved into a once off event. Once the box of baptism is ticked it seems to have no relevance or meaning for anybody. But the effects of our baptism last a lifetime. Our baptism is lived out each day.

It reminds me of the work of an artist and how any painting is like a baptism. An artist patiently takes their time to create their masterpiece. They will use lots of brushes varying in size, but it is the smallest ones that always bring out the finer details.

It is the same in life. Big sweeping changes in life are rare. God always invites us to work with the smallest of brushes. All the small bits and pieces add up to something special. Our baptism is also similar. It is lived out each day. Like an artist working with a small brush, it is the small brushes that bring out the best of the painting. Our baptism brings out the best in each of us. They all add up to something special and of course that special is you.

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