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'Colourful Homes'
(Archived on Friday - July - 23/07/2010 )

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  Photo was taken in the village of Flatanger, Norway  
In Norway every home is built with wood and these colourful homes really stood out in lovely evening sunshine in the village of Flatanger.


Thought on Friday - July - 23/07/2010

God looks at you and me and solemnly declares, "I will love you always. There is nothing you can do to stop me loving you. You have my word on that. My word is my bond. The bond is never broken." ~Vincent Travers

The Tour De France is in its final few days having spent a gruelling few days in the Pyrenee mountains. Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck are only 8 seconds apart in what has been one of the most exciting tour in years. The big talking point during the week was when Schleck's chain fell off and then the moral question should his rival Contador have waited for him instead of taking advantage? The chain falling off is also a good reflection on life in general. How often it happens to all of us. We experience setbacks, disappointments or an unexpected crisis. We experience rejection and pain, sometimes from our nearest and closest to us. We feel let down and left to our own devices. This is felt more when life and so many others seem to race on ahead at a hectic pace. We are forgotten and left behind. Not so with God. Belief in God will not stop our chain falling off but we are assured and promised God's presence in our lives. God will always patiently journey with us, encourage us and help us through life's many twists and challenges.

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