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'Taking It Nice And Easy'
(Archived on Saturday - July - 24/07/2010 )

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  Photo was taken in one of Norway's many fjords.  
The waters off Norway's coastline are teeming with fish. Simply droping a line overboard will guarantee plenty of fresh fish. In local restuarants the fish menu is extensive and whatever you choose the fish just tastes beautiful!


Thought on Saturday - July - 24/07/2010

'I want to be a great saint but I also want to experience all the sensations that sinners have. I want to spend long hours in prayer but I don't want to miss anything on television.' ~Henri Nouwen

Everyone struggles to keep life simple and straight forward. Quite simple we want everything and we simply can't have it. One of the great saints of simplicity is St.Therese. When she was seven years old, one of her older sisters Leonie decided that it was time for her to give up her toys. So she gathered them all up into a big box. She then told Therese that she could only choose one thing from the box and that the rest were going to charity. Apparently Therese froze and was unable to choose. She simply said: "I choose them all. I want them all!" All the great spiritual writers and indeed the scriptures remind us that it's hard to find God when we want everything. We tend to be distracted and focussed elsewhere. No wonder life can be trying and tiring. Life isn't simple and it never will be. We need to respect its complexity and our complexities. But that should never stop us from trying to live and enjoy the simpler things in life. It is in simple, ordinary, down to earth moments that we will find greater fulfilment, meaning and purpose.

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