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(Archived on Saturday - May - 22/05/2021 )

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  Photo from the archive was taken at the Zoological Garden, Phoenix Park, Dublin (Irl)  
One needs great patience when taking a photo of a heron. They can stand perfectly still for long periods of time but perseverance is what it's all about. They usually stand near a food source. When the moment is right but only in their time will they pounce and dive. It can be quite spectacular with their big wingspan. Notice in the photo the total concentration in the eye of the heron.


Thought on Saturday - May - 22/05/2021

Last Thursday was World Bee Day (May 20th)

Bees make a world of a difference in pollinating so many flowers in our gardens and countryside. Many of the foods we eat each day is thanks to the work of our bees. We are also aware that our bees are under severe pressure due to declining habitats and a huge increase in pesticides. You can play your part to help our bees. Here are a few simple tips:

(1) Plant a section of your garden especially for the bees. Most gardening centres now have 'Bee Friendly' labels on flowers and plants. Those who work in these garden centres will be more than happy to give advice to you on what are the best plants to attract bees. Lavender is popular but there are many other plants that are well suited to your garden.

(2) STOP using chemical sprays in your garden. Do you really need to spray the weeds with chemicals that are horrible to our bees? Always remember a weed is a flower in the wrong place. A bit of digging and hand pulling is the best way to remove unwanted weeds. There is no safe chemical.

(3) When mowing your garden why not leave a section unmown. This will give flowers a chance to grow and mature for the bees. Clover is a really good example.

(4) In parishes do we have to mow every part of the church grounds? Could we not dedicate a section to Bio Diversity. We could also plant suitable wild flowers to attract the bees. Yes it may look a bit rough on the edges but putting up a few signs saying: 'This part of our church grounds is for the bees' will make a difference. So instead of others thinking you are lazy at not cutting the grass - they will be impressed with the efforts you are making as a parish community in helping bio diversity.

(5) It is the small things and the small changes we do that will make the biggest difference. Continue to BEE the difference!!

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