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'Nearly Gone'
(Archived on Sunday - May - 16/05/2021 )

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  Photo by strh from Pixabay  
Some dandelion seeds are just about to move to new beginnings


Thought on Sunday - May - 16/05/2021

Thought For The Week

'A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.' ~Chinese Proverb

Listening to the birds sing early in the morning is always such a special moment. The dawn chorus is one of the most magical experiences in nature, a multitude of birds of many different species all singing together in harmony as morning breaks and light begins to fill the skies. It is nature's most impressive and special concert available.

While it may sound like beautiful music to our ears, to the birds it is something quite different. It is a way for rival males to establish its territory and attract a mate. So the louder your song and the more time you spend singing it, gives you a much better chance of claiming the best territory.

When I hear the birds sing so beautifully these mornings, I call it 'Morning Prayer'. I usually open the window and let the beautiful sounds drift in. It becomes a prayer moment for me. Just as they are welcoming in the day in great song, I welcome in the day too in my own simple way. Every day is God's precious gift to us. It is a new beginning, a fresh start with lots of opportunities awaiting us. My prayer is one of thanks for this new day and one of blessing, asking God to bless me through this day, whatever comes my way.

So I invite you to tune into the dawn chorus too. Instead of having the radio on loudly, why not turn it off one morning when you wake and just listen, even for a minute. You will be amazed at the sounds you will hear.

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