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'Late Evening Light'
(Archived on Wednesday - May - 19/05/2021 )

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  Photo was taken last evening at Bantry, West Cork (Irl)  
Late evening sunshine cast lovely light through the trees

Birthday's Today
Paul Brady (Singer) is 74
George Hook (Former Broacaster) is 80
Mundy (Singer and Songwriter) is 46
Grace Jones (Singer) is 73

Saint For Today May 19th is St Dunstan
It was Dunstan's great achievement to restore monasteries in England with a structure and a spirituality that would last for many hundreds of years. Because of his personal skills, he is patron of goldsmiths, jewellers and locksmiths.

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Thought on Wednesday - May - 19/05/2021

'We prostituted Christianity when we told our people they had to "save their souls". That attitude often affirmed the ego spirituality which is very dangerous and deceptive.' ~Richard Rohr

We speak of material consumerism but there is also spiritual consumerism. This is mainly about going through the motions simply for the sake of it. Part of this mindset believes we have to please God by doing certain things. It's almost like a points system and the more points I have, the better chance I have of getting to heaven.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in doing things that please God. But there surely is something wrong if it becomes obligatory, something compulsory and something you have to do. Everything about Jesus in the Gospels was lived in the spirit of freedom and openness. He encouraged people to feel and experience God in their everyday lives. He extended so many gentle invitations. Some accepted and some ignored.

The most honest approach is to try and love God in whatever way we can. Whatever way we choose must never be exclusive or cause us to judge others. God will always love us whatever journey or path we choose. Our journey during the current pandemic has caused us to reflect on what the important things in life are. We keep hearing 'Everything has changed'. We have too and our approach to religion and spirituality has also changed.

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