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'Evening Shadows'
(Archived on Thursday - July - 08/07/2021 )

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  Photo is by Steven Weirather from Pixabay  
A low evening sun casts lovely light and shadows across the beach. The photographer cleverly uses the signpost on the beach to filter out some of the direct sunlight into the camera. Sometimes with photography position is everything.

On This Day
On June 8th 1987 New Zealand's government is the first in the world to legislate against nuclear weapons and nuclear powered vessels in NZ. It was the only nation to legislate against nuclear power.

Birthdays Today
Robbie Keane (Irish Footballer) is 41
Maura Derrane (TV Presenter) is 51
David Beck (American Singer) is 51
Virgil Van Dijk (Liverpool Defender) is 30


Thought on Thursday - July - 08/07/2021

Here are 10 pointers to get along better with others:

(1) Say less than you think. Cultivate a calm voice, how you say it often means the most.
(2) Make promises sparingly, keep them faithfully.
(3) Never lose opportunities to say a kind word to or about somebody. Praise work well done.
(4) Be genuinely interested in others. Let everyone you meet feel that you regard them as if they are the only person that matters in the world.
(5) Be cheerful as best you can.
(6) Keep an open mind on all debateable questions. There's a big difference between discussing something and arguing something without listening to a different viewpoint.
(7) Don't give in to gossip. It is so destructive.
(8) Respect the feelings of others.
(9) Pay no attention to those who think less of you. There are always knockers in this world but know that there are many more people willing to uplift and encourage.
(10) It won't cost you anything, smile!!

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