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'Important Meeting'
(Archived on Saturday - October - 30/10/2021 )

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  Photo was taken yesterday at the Vatican by Reuters Photography  
Pope Francis and President Joe Biden had an important meeting yesterday that was both formal and also relaxing. Some very important global issues are pressing at the moment including climate change.


Thought on Saturday - October - 30/10/2021

As we move into the bank holiday weekend and the Halloween mid term break it is an opportune time to put the focus on something good and positive. The following is a list of saying 'Well done'. Yes there are many ways of saying it. but whatever one you choose today will make such a difference.

That's great, Super, That's good, You are brilliant at that, That's coming along nicely, That's the best you have ever done, You're doing a really good job, What an improvement, I knew you could do it, Congratulations, I couldn't have done it better myself, Nice going.

You haven't missed anything, Wow, Keep up the good work, Terrific, Nothing can stop you now, That's the way to do it, Sensational, That's the best ever, Wonderful, You have done that so well, Nice one, Outstanding, Fantastic, Tremendous, Now that's what I call a fine job.

You certainly did well today, Keep it up, You did a lot of work today, I really appreciate what you have done, I'd be lost without you, You're one in a million, Go raibh maith agat, You really are an inspiration, Thank you so much, Marvellous, You're a star, May God bless you for all you've done.

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