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'The Higher The Better!!'
(Archived on Thursday - March - 18/03/2021 )

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  Photo was taken at Ring, near Clonakilty, Co.Cork (Irl)  
The photo I have up today was taken over ten years ago. The West Cork rally brought out the crowds in numbers. Every vantage point was sought after including those who made the most of the views from Kitty Mac's pub! Hopefully days like the one in our photo can return again at some stage.


Thought on Thursday - March - 18/03/2021

Spiritually we are always trying to find the balance between light and darkness. It is never an easy task such are the challenges of life, but we always try and do our best. There are over 250 references to light in our scriptures to help us find this balance. One of my favourite pieces of scripture on light comes from Matthew's Gospel. At the heart of this piece is the invitation to let our light shine. It is the inspiration and background to this prayer for light.

A Prayer for Light

Lord Jesus, you encouraged so many people to let their light shine.
But sometimes we are slow to acknowledge our light and we prefer to sometimes hide from the light.
So Lord, help us to appreciate your light.
Help us to be more comfortable with our light.
If darkness is the absence of light, we ask you Lord to be our dawn.
We ask you to slowly fill our lives with your light and hope especially during this Covid 19 pandemic.
With your light Lord we are never alone.
Bless us, mind us and protect us each day.
Be our light and hope, today and everyday

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