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'Encircling Our Lives'
(Archived on Sunday - June - 05/06/2022 )

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  Photo was taken at Green Glens, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
It might look like a stained glass window but its actually an image of the Holy Spirit projected onto a big screen. Today is Pentecost Sunday and it's an important feastday recognising the importance of spirit in all our lives, the need to nurture the spirit within each of us and an invitation to invite God's spirit to guide and direct each of us.


Thought on Sunday - June - 05/06/2022

The following story is shared by Fr.Tom Cahill and its a story called 'The Deep End'

This story tells what Pentecost is about. A taxi driver arrives at an address. He honks his horn. No response. He honks again. Still no response. Out he gets and knocks on the door. A stressed voice cries out, "Just a minute, please." After a long pause he hears something being dragged to the door. A frail old woman in her 80's opens the door pulling a suitcase after her. "Would you carry my case to the car, please?" she asks. "Sure," he says, and as he moves off she links his free arm and walks slowly with him to the taxi.

She gives him an address and asks him to go through the city centre. "It's not the shortest way, Ma'am," he says to her. "I don't mind," she replies, "I'm going to a hospice. There's no hurry." He looks in the rear-view mirror, and sees tears in her eyes as she reveals, "I've no family left. The doctor says I haven't long to go." As she says that the driver leans over and quietly switches off the metre.

They drive around the city centre. She points out where she had worked in an insurance office, where she and her husband had lived after their wedding, and a building that once was a ballroom where she had first met him. At one or two places they stop in silence - her mind elsewhere. Much later they reach the hospice.

The taxi driver goes home lost in thought, convinced and content that he has just had one of the most important days of his life. Pentecost means using the language of love.

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