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'The Little Fighters'
(Archived on Saturday - April - 10/04/2010 )

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  Photo was taken from front page of The Examiner yesterday  
The conjoined twins Hassan and Hussein made international headlines during the week. Our Thought For Today is all about their remarkable story


Thought on Saturday - April - 10/04/2010

‘The sun is shining for our two little fighters, who have won the battle of their lives. Words cannot express the relief and love we feel for our two boys. We are so proud of the courage and strength that Hassan and Hussein have shown and they both have made the world a much better place with them in it.’ Angie and Azzedine Benhaffaf

They have been the talk of the country and beyond for the past week. It was the one item of news that had everyone united: united in prayer, united in good wishes and united in Easter hope. They have won the hearts of young and old and have been christened ‘The Little Fighters’. At birth they were conjoined and have spent the past four months joined at the chest. That all changed last Wednesday in a 14 hour operation that separated Hassan and Hussein. In the midst of so much bad news all around us, this has been such an uplifting story right from the beginning. What happened this week has been an example on the power of prayer. It was touching to hear the parents of Hassan and Hussein in their statement after the operation, thanking God, thanking the surgeons and thanking so many people for their support and prayers. We continue our prayers for Hassan and Hussein this weekend and that they will continue making good progress in hospital.

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