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'Cliff Edge Colour'
(Archived on Friday - April - 30/04/2010 )

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  Photo was taken on Slea Head, Co.Kerry (Irl)  
A bunch of primroses add lovely colour on the edge of a cliff with the Three Sister hills away off in the distance. Despite harsh conditions with sea winds, salt and cold these primroses seem to thrive in their habitat.


Thought on Friday - April - 30/04/2010

‘Hope is not some kind of delusional optimism to be resorted to because we simply cannot face the hard facts that threaten to swamp our hearts. People do die and leave us. Friends do desert us. Businesses do crumble and destroy us financially. Love does dry up and disappear. Careers do come to ruin. Disease does debilitate us. Evil does exist. But through it all, hope remains.’ ~Niall Ahern

Life can be so unpredictable and uncertain. Like a gentle tide that lifts our boat it can also turn into a raging storm threatening to swamp us. Yet in the middle of every uncertainty, storm and darkness, there remains a sense of hope and optimism. But what do we mean by hope and optimism? They are empty and shallow if left on their own but in the context of a loving God they are powerful and liberating. When all else seems to be gone, God will always be there and will never abandon or desert us. This is real hope and it is life giving. We pray to God today and across the weekend to help us through all the challenges of life. We pray that we will always remain hopeful, knowing that God will always be on our side even when all seems lost.

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