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'Our 7 Little Darlings!!!!!!!'
(Archived on Friday - July - 16/07/2010 )

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  Photo was taken just off the Macroom/Cork road, Co.Cork (Irl)  
These two swans keep a close eye on their rather large family of seven cygnets and only a few days old.


Thought on Friday - July - 16/07/2010

Maybe we can only recognise the beauty surrounding us when we welcome the beauty that lies deep within us. The sadness is that we become so busy and bothered about the trials and difficulties that beset us, that we seldom give time to welcome this gift' ~Far East Magazine

One of the great spiritual writers St Paul wrote a lovely letter to the Philippians and asked them to think about things around them that were true, lovely and gracious (Phil 4:8). At the time of writing this letter life was tough and difficult for many of them including Paul. But he saw the importance of looking at the bigger picture and particularly the great beauty that lies within each person. There is much darkness, sadness and negativity in the world we live in but it should never cloud or block out all the good and positive within each person. Sometimes to appreciate this precious gift we need to concentrate on something that is life giving for us. Maybe it's a summer flower in your garden, maybe a painting, a poem, a pet, a piece of music or a favourite album. The poet Patrick Kavanagh said he encountered his beautiful God every time he went to the bog. It was a sacred place for him and it was life giving. What place for me is life giving? What do I like doing that is also life giving? What person energises and brings me life? God is at the heart of all that is life giving.

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