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(Archived on Friday - November - 26/11/2010 )

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  Photo was taken at Salthill, Galway (Irl)  
It's good to be able to share another pic from the new book 'A Year To Remember' which has just been launched this week. Even though the weather is very cold right now, this picture is a reminder of warm, sunny summer days and with lots of fun moments in there too.


Thought on Friday - November - 26/11/2010

The following light hearted reflection appears in the new book 'A Year To Remember'

A farmer was trying to get his donkey to move on but the donkey was having none of it and refused to move. The farmer was getting frustrated, roaring and shouting at the poor donkey. Then he picked up a stick to whip the donkey when a car skidded to a halt next to him and out steps a stunningly beautiful woman. She gave out to the farmer, "How dare you shout and roar at this poor animal and worse again that you should hit him with a stick. You need to be gentle and give it some words of encouragement." With that she went over to the donkey, stroked its ear, rubbed its nose, kissed its mane and talked ever so sweet to the donkey. Sure enough the donkey happily set off on its travels. The woman turned round to find your man stretched on the ground. "Oh my God" she shouted, "Are you ok?" "Oh I'm fine" he said, "but I think I need some encouragement too!!"

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