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'God's Paintbrush'
(Archived on Tuesday - June - 25/06/2013 )

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  Our photo of the rainbow today ties in with our Thought For Today below  


Thought on Tuesday - June - 25/06/2013

'If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain. At the end of a life without adversity, it is hard to find a rainbow.' ~Dolly Parton

One cannot help but notice the beauty of a rainbow. It is something you just can't avoid. To appreciate its beauty you have to put up with the rain which causes the rainbow. A rainbow will never be found where there is sunshine and an endless blue sky. There is nobody who goes through a lifetime without some difficulty, setback, adversity, upset or crisis. A look at any of the Gospel stories will show that everything was not just sunshine and happy days. In the midst of the sunshine and the good times, Jesus met people in their difficulties, trials, setbacks and heartaches. He comforted them, helped them, showed them light in their darkest story and brought them to a better place. If a rainbow is an image of something beautiful and special then there are lots of rainbows in the Gospel stories. But equally there is cloud and rain there too. It is a reflection of our life too, rainbows but also clouds, rain and darkness. It is good to know that right in the middle of them all God is to be found too. We have nothing to be afraid of.

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