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'Time Out'
(Archived on Sunday - August - 29/08/2021 )

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  Photo was taken by Erik Karits from Pixabay  
A honeybee takes time out after collecting pollen which can be clearly seen on its hind leg


Thought on Sunday - August - 29/08/2021

A drive or cycle around the Sheep's Head Peninsula in West Cork is always a delight and no one visit is ever the same. Of course it helps hugely when the weather is clear, fine and dry but you could say it has a beauty of its own too even when it rains. Which ever side of the peninsula you start with makes no difference as both have unique views. The road around the peninsula is part of the Wild Atlantic Way and is one of the most southerly parts of the Cork and Ross Diocese.

Anyone who has driven, cycled or walked this road will know that it naturally invites you to slow down. There are parts of it where cars will not be able to pass at speed. You sometimes have to pull in carefully for a car to pass or sometimes reverse into a roadside gap so that one car can safely do so. There is so much natural beauty all around this beautiful part of West Cork and the best way to enjoy it is to slow down. What a contrast to the huge motorways and dual carriageways, where traffic hurls by at great speed.

Spiritually we also need to slow down too. It is a cliche we probably have heard many times. But the need to slow down is even more important today. Never before has there been so many things to do, so many distractions, so many deadlines and with it anxiety and stress. It is good to step off the motorway of busyness and find our quite place, to rest, to relax, to pray, to recharge and to just be ourselves. The best place to start is today and to take a short spiritual time out break. You are worth it!

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