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'Bumber Harvest'
(Archived on Monday - September - 05/09/2022 )

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  Photo was taken at Altamount, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
The beautiful sunny weather this summer has ensured a bumber harvest from crab apples, apples, tomatoes, blackberries and so much more.

On This Day

On Sep 05 1997 Mother Teresa, who was awarded the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize for her charitable work with the poor, died at the age of 87 in Calcutta (Kolkata).

Birthdays Today

Al Stewart (Singer) is 77
Johnny Vegas (Comedian) is 52
Phily McMahon (Dublin Footballer) is 35

Saint For Today

Saint for Today September 5th is Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Significance Of Today

Today September is Sep 5th is International Day of Charity. It is a day to increase and enhance social responsibility across the entire world, increasing our support for charitable causes and bringing everyone together in solidarity.


Thought on Monday - September - 05/09/2022

"The Spirit reaches the depths of everything, even the depths of God." (St Paul's letter to the Corinthians 2:10)

As we begin this month of September there is an invitation to appreciate our depth. St. Paul speaks about depth and the greater the depth of our spiritual lives, the greater the spiritual blessings will be. But the world we live in today does not use the word depth much.

The world we live in today moves at such a fast pace that there is little time for depth. Life can often be shallow and one story moves so quickly into the next one, with no time for reflection or time to be grateful or time to appreciate our blessings. There is such a need for depth in all of our lives today. As we return to more normal routines now after our summer, we are invited to be a person of depth in everything we do.

We also congratulate all those who received their Leaving Cert results on Friday. It has been a long wait during the summer and for many students the wait continues for a few more days to see if they will get their preferred course.

But it is important to say as well that the results yesterday only tell one story. The results don't always tell the story about the beautiful person that is each student. As you make the transition from secondary school to new beginnings, always remember who you are, always be yourself, always be proud of what you bring to each day and always remember how precious, special and unique you are today and everyday.

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