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'Goodbye In Style'
(Archived on Tuesday - September - 20/09/2022 )

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  Photo from Queen Elizabeth's funeral yesterday  
So many photos were shared yesterday but what struck me was the dignity and respect shown to the Queen during her funeral service. So whether one is a Queen or a normal humble person, everyone deserves dignity, respect and beautiful goodbyes when they pass from this world to the next. No shortcuts can ever be taken when it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one. But when it is done right and meaningfully, it can bring great healing and hope.


Thought on Tuesday - September - 20/09/2022

Thought For The Week

'The only thing that stands between us and extinction is six inches of soil and the fact that it rains.' ~Anna Krzywoszynska

During the month of September we celebrate the Season Of Creation and it finishes on October 4th, the feast day of Saint Francis. It is a time to reflect on bigger issues, particularly on climate change and what we can do to play our part to limit its effects. But the Season Of Creation is much wider than just climate change. It is also about noticing the little moments, in the beauty of creation all around us.

We believe that the presence of God can be found in many places but can also be found in the beauty of nature all around us. It is the little moments of beauty that catch our eye, that remind us there must be something more, a creator who makes all of this possible.

The season of creation reminds us that our world resources are finite. For example every minute we lost the equivalent of thirty football pitches of fertile soil across the world. Climate change, the spread of intensive agriculture, deforestation and industrial activity have accelerated the loss of soil in almost every country.

We are encouraged to appreciate the gift of soil and not to take it for granted. This summer there has been a huge swing towards growing vegetables in our gardens. There has been a bumper harvest thanks to the lovely warm weather. The savings are significant too particularly with the price of food going up so much. It is also well known that your own vegetables taste so much better. So instead of using chemical fertilisers, we are encouraged to use natural mulch and organic matter in our garden soil. The soil needs to be nurtured and minded too.

This season of creation is a lovely time of year. I encourage you if you can this week to go for a walk, a stroll, sit in your garden and notice the beauty of creation all around you. It is God's most precious gift to us. We are encouraged to enjoy it and allow it to touch our soul.

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