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'Green Flag Smiles'
(Archived on Saturday - June - 19/06/2010 )

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  Photo was taken yesterday at Scoil Oilibheir, Ballyvolane, Cork (Irl)  
Cork Rose Laura Mitchell receives a bouquet of flowers from Phil Burns as a small thank you for coming along as a guest speaker to mark Scoil Oilibheir's success, in achieving a green flag status for the school, in the whole area of recyling waste.


Thought on Saturday - June - 19/06/2010

‘Thanks to everyone here today for all the small things you have done which have made a big difference’ ~Timmy O’Mahony student of Scoil Oilibheir Ballyvolane

Yesterday was a day of celebration for Scoil Oilibheir on getting a green flag for their achievements in recycling school waste. They got the whole school to focus on how to reduce and manage its waste better. For example students within the school were shown that they did not need plastic bags or tin foil when it came to lunches. Everything is recycled in the school and it just shows how small efforts all contribute to make a big difference. The planet we live in has been entrusted into our care to mind, nurture and protect. Its resources are limited and will run out unless we manage and work together to reduce, reuse and recycle. It is heartening to see our younger generation taking ownership and leading the way by example. What something small could you do this weekend in the whole area of recycling? Every small gesture we make means we are leading by example. Others will be sure to follow.

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