'Men and women know that they have within themselves a ceaseless craving for satisfaction and completion which they do not and cannot find on earth. It is this great something we call God.' ~Kevin Lyon

The great search for meaning, satisfaction and completion goes on for each person, not occasionally but every single day of our lives. For those who can say they have found God does not mean that the search is over. It is ongoing and always will be. We can never say we know God fully. God is so much bigger than our humble understanding of God. But what a difference our humble understanding makes. It brings stability, meaning, foundation and satisfaction into our lives. Take it all away and we're left with so little. In fact we're probably left with nothing. Today I thank God for my humble understanding of God. I may not have all the answers, I may be struggling, I may be doing okay but at least I have something to hold onto which is infinitely better than nothing at all.
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