'The same fence that shuts others out shuts you in.' ~Bill Copeland

Fencing is very important in keeping boundaries, whether it is in our gardens or fields. It comes in all shapes and sizes in trying to keep people or animals in or out. We too have fences in our lives which set important boundaries. But sometimes we need to take down fences that should have been pulled down or removed a long time ago. For some reason we deliberately keep certain people out of our lives. It might have been some silly argument or some disagreement but life moves on and so should we. Too many fences clutter and restrict. In our gospels Jesus talked so often about freedom and how we place many restrictions on ourselves and others. Can I get rid of unnecessary fences in my life? Am I willing to move beyond whatever restrictions hold me back in life? As we say goodbye to November today, it might be a good day to let one or two fences behind us.
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