'The following reflection was read at the end of year Mass yesterday in Coláiste Choilm, Ballincollig by Aoife O'Callaghan

I am thankful, Lord for the support of a friend%u2019s hand, for the hug of sympathy and friendly warmth for the embrace of love and care.
I am thankful for the people whose lives touch mine with friendship.
I recall, Lord the love that has helped me to grow from childhood to this day.
The care of parents and friends that meant security and love.
The presence of the friend who cheered me when I was sad.
The words of encouragement when I was afraid.
The offer of sympathy when I was unhappy.
I thank you, Lord, for this gift.
You have been there for me through the goodness of others.
I ask you to continue to journey with each of us today, across the summer and into Senior Cycle.
On our own we can do a certain amount but with each other and with you we can do so much more.
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