'People, religious or not, know that reflection ought to be part of everyday life. There is also an on-going search for the transcendent. God has implanted eternity into the hearts of people. We long to know the Power beyond us and discover a reason for living beyond the boundaries of our mundane ordinariness.' ~Martin Tierney

Eternity is described as forever or endless time. We think in minutes and hours. Much of our time is spent trying to pack so much into the hours of the day given to us. We are constantly on the go, forced to be here and there at specific times. But the concept of time with God is so much different. It is not like a rollercoaster where everything hurls along at a crazy pace. It is much quieter, gentler, slower and ebbs and flows at its own softer pace. When we make time for reflection, prayer, quiet time, meditation, rest, time out or whatever, we are indeed close to God.

Each of us knows in our hearts that there is something more. If life is a series of mundane ordinariness then our search for God allows us to see beyond what might seem mundane or ordinary. Every glimpse beyond is a reminder that there is indeed something more. The world we live in today is fast and furious. It can be a very exciting place to be at times but the downside is that we have lost sight of our search for the something more. Where are you in the search? Are you searching? Given up the searching? Struggling to search? Or perhaps hoping to begin the search again?
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