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"I sought to hear the voice of God and climbed to the highest steeple, but God declared: 'Go down again - I dwell among the people'." ~John Henry Newman

Last Sunday night many people got up early to see the eclipse of the moon which peaked at 5a.m. The effect of the eclipse created an orange glow which is called a "Blood moon". The moon has fascinated people for thousands of years. We know it has a strong pull on our planet earth, creating the ebb and flow of our tides. Another interesting aspect of the moon is that there is one side of the moon that we never see. They call it 'the dark side of the moon' and it is the side of the moon where the sun never shines. It is the side of the moon which faces the cold, black expanse of space.

The 'dark side of the moon' also has spiritual meaning as well. It can happen when a person of faith experiences darkness and uncertainty. Instead of God being an anchor in their lives, they now experience darkness and emptiness. Old and trusted certainties are now questioned. What once was a steady source of strength and consolation is now empty. It can happen over a period of time or quite suddenly. Events like the loss of loved one through death or an unexpected illness of a family member can be overwhelming and can be the trigger for the winter of the soul.

Spiritual writers from all walks of life agree that this happens occasionally and does not mean it is going to last forever. It is difficult when it happens, it can be confusing and frustrating. But every winter is always followed by spring, growth, renewal and new beginnings. The constant message of scripture is that God is not on the rooftops or up on steeples but is very much with people as they are. God is with us in the sunshine but very much with us in our darkness too. The 'dark side of the moon' can represent so many difficulties and struggles in our lives. Whatever the darkness may be God is there holding the light for us and helping us through one step at a time.

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