Thought For The Week

'Now I am revealing new things to you, things hidden and unknown to you, created just now. This very moment you have heard nothing of these things until now, so that you cannot say, 'Oh yes, I knew all this'. ~Isaiah 48:6

We sometimes think of God, religion and spirituality as just static. Some see it as created in the past which has been passed onto us to preserve and in turn we pass it on to someone else. This is very limiting. Everything about spirituality and what we know about God is fresh, moving and changing. Nothing stays still. We had the longest day of the year during the week and it looks like the coming week will see lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. Everything in nature right now is bursting with life, change, colour and energy.

The same goes with God who is never static. We can never say we know God fully or that we know what God's plans for us might be. The only thing we can say with absolute certainty is that God is love and there is a lot of love all around us.

Each day we can learn something new about ourselves, about God, about life, about the difference love makes in our lives, about the world we live in, about our family, our friends and so on. All of them are never in isolation but are connected in a mysterious and wonderful way that make up today.

If we believe that today is God's gift to us then we are open to possibility, freshness and a sense of freedom in our lives. Nothing is static and no day is ever the same. That's why today is always precious and a day to make the most of, as best we can.
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