A Prayer Blessing for the New Year

Loving God, thank you for this New Year. It is a time of new beginnings and a time too for letting go of old stuff that I don't need to carry forward in my life.

As we all know new year resolutions come and go but your love for me is everlasting and it is constantly steady. As I start the new year may I be a person of light, hope and love.

May I have the strength and courage to be myself and to welcome each day as a new beginning.
May I be kind to others, but particularly may I be kind and gentle with myself.

Loving God, as we start the new year with hope and perhaps some anxiety, may we find your compassion, healing and strength. Give us breath and depth to everything we do. In a world where may things are trivial and shallow, give me something more constant and meaningful.

Finally, bless me, my family and those special in my life. May my new year be filled with peace, blessings and love. Amen
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