Thought For The Week

Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany. The story of the wise men is fascinating. Like a jigsaw we only have a few of the pieces but we can still put together a very interesting picture of their story. The Epiphany is celebrated all over the world and yet their feast day (January 6th) comes at a time when most people are taking down their Christmas decorations!

Yes we know some bits about their story and there is also so much more we don't know too. This adds to the mystery of the Magi and the reason why of their visit. I admire their sense of adventure, determination, courage, bravery and their willingness to take a risk.

I am fully convinced their story has a message for all of us too especially during these difficult and challenging times that is Covid 19. They remind us that light is always stronger than darkness and to never give up when life gets challenging. They went home by a different route reminding us that it's good to try something different too in life, whatever that may be for us.
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