To mark Our Lady of Lourdes feastday I have put together the following prayer and I've called it

'A Prayer of Healing to Our Lady of Lourdes'

I come to you Mary with openness and in gratitude
You visited Bernadette Soubirous in 1858 in Lourdes and you did so on eighteen occasions.
You shared with her a message of hope, forgiveness, love and healing.
Some were slow to believe Bernadette's story at the start,
but nothing could stop the flow of your message of love and healing.

Thanks to you, Lourdes today is still a beautiful place of blessings,
where every person is treated with respect and treated with total love.
Every sick person at Lourdes is the most important person in the world.
Today blessings and little miracles still happen thanks to you.
While not everyone can be in Lourdes, we can still pray to you today Mary,
as if we are standing in the sacred space under the Grotto.
We ask you to intercede for us and to be the bridge from our world to yours.

From your heavenly place of light, love and eternal blessings our prayer to you is for healing.
I come to you as I am and I come with all that is going on for me, my family and those closest to me.
I ask for God's blessings and to give me a sense of hope and purpose.
Help me to feel your love, peace and calm.

May I find your light and hope even when I struggle to find it.
I ask for healing, for a blessing and a sign of love today.
Surround me in your healing and love today and every day.
I especially include my family, our sick, our amazing doctors, nurses and caring teams.
Keep us all safe in your love and your healing. Amen
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