‘Keep on believing. Your story is a masterpiece unfolding’ ~Donna Fago

The overall winner of the BT Young Scientist Richard O’Shea from Blarney is a fine example of someone who kept believing. A scout for many years, Richard had great knowledge of camp fires and in particular the amount of smoke they produce. Richard set to work on designing a stove which uses as little fuel as possible and which ideally produces no smoke. Over two billion people across the world depend on stoves to cook their meals each day. Richard’s design maximises the intake of air and can be built using simple materials such as tin cans and a simple tool like a Swiss army knife. Richard’s design can and has the potential to make a huge difference to millions of families in rural Africa and in many other parts of the world. He wants to give his idea and design to third world agencies, who can maximise its benefit to those who need it most. In the midst of a recession, with much gloom and doom, Richard is a shining light. Well done Richard and to all our young people who took part in the Young Scientist, thanks for reminding us that our future is bright.
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