Thought For The Week

'In any tragedy there is always a wonderful outbreak of care and help. Maybe God is the spirit of love and goodness that inspires people at a time like this. Could God be the one who suffers rather than the one who controls?' ~Tony Flannery

As chaplain to a big secondary school I get asked many different questions. One common question is why God allows so many tragedies to happen? My explanation is God never deliberately causes a tragedy to happen. That would be a cruel and harsh God. Then I'm asked if God is not the cause then why doesn't God stop or prevent it happening? Again this is difficult to answer. We often speak about God's love for us, who only wants the best for us and who journeys with us every step of the way. In any tragedy God feels our hurt, pain, anger, grief and even abandonment. God is just as helpless because God can't prevent or stop something. But nothing can stop God's spirit of love and goodness in the middle of any tragedy.
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