ĎOne of the qualities of successful people in all walks of life is keen observation. They notice things about people, human nature and the general world around them. Most of us, unfortunately, go through life with our eyes half closed.í ~Author Unknown

One may disagree with this quotation. Perhaps itís a bit unfair and wide of the mark. But if weíre honest there is some truth in it. As we come towards the end of January itís quite possible we may have gone through some days this month with our eyes half closed. We sometimes miss key moments and we miss moments that may never pass our way again. Godís gentle presence is often to be found within these moments. Do we acknowledge something as simple as a smile? Have we time to stop and say hello? Do we notice when someone is not themselves? Do we take for granted a special friendship? Do we look and nurture goodness when we see it or do we always expect the worst? Life is what we make of it but only when we are willing to observe its many currents and movements.
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