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Saint of tooday
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'A Safe Landing'
  Photo from the archvie was taken at Flatanger, Norway,
I am away with Transition Year students - not in Norway!! So I am posting from archive today
This is Ole Martin who could best be described as a modern day St.Francis. The seagulls know his every move as do the white tailed eagles and many forms of wildlife around Flatanger. He is the local guide who will bring you up close to many forms of wildlife in a simple and unobtrusive way.
Thought For Today

Did you know....

The adult human body has 206 bones. An infant may have from 300-350 bones at birth. Some of these will fuse together as the child grows and so with years the number of overall bones will drop to 206. Of these 206 bones more than half (103) are in the hands and feet. The longest bone in your body is the femur (thigh bone) and is a quarter of your height.

The smallest is in the ear called the stirrup. Humans and giraffes have the same number of bones in their necks. It has been said that all our bones could be narrowed down to three to get us through life. We need a wishbone to dream with, a backbone for the courage to get through the hard times and a funny bone to laugh at life along the way!

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