Photo was taken at Meelin, Co.Cork (Irl)

A sunflower stretches towards the sun in late September sunshine.

Thought on Tuesday – September – 28/09/2010

‘The oldest trees often bear the sweetest fruit’ ~German Proverb

This week in Ireland marks ‘Positive Ageing Week’. At its heart it highlights the positive aspects of ageing and celebrates the contribution older people have made and continue to make to their communities. Positive Ageing Week is all about dispelling the many negative perceptions that surround ageing. We need to celebrate the fact that we are living longer and that ageing is not a burden but an opportunity. For a long time there was a fear about growing old but this fear thankfully has been eroded with time. Communities and parishes have in place many services that support older people. Services such as meals on wheels, card playing, bingo, dancing, sing songs and so much more, all contribute to positive perceptions on growing older. Positive Ageing Week is a reminder about our personal attitudes to growing old. Am I in the negative or positive camp? If older trees bear the sweetest fruit, then we have much to learn from older people.