Photo was taken at Tooreenbawn, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)

This rose is still holding its own for the time of year. Despite early morning sunshine, it had its petals firmly closed ahead of an Atlantic storm forecasted for later in the day. Despite heavy rain and some gusts of wind the storm thankfully didn’t brew up to the levels that had been predicted.

Thought on Monday – November – 08/11/2010

‘Thank you Lord, for so many things that brighten up our lives and thank you too for the annoyances that come our way. Too much sunshine would make our lives a fruitless desert. Teach us that that the storms of life come, not to destroy, but to deepen and make strong the roots of our faith, hope and love.’ ~Extract of a Prayer in the Macroom Parish Newsletter

The much anticipated storm that was predicted for Ireland didn’t quite blow up yesterday. But it was good to have got the warning and to be prepared, particularly in relation to flooding. Often in life we don’t get much warning when it comes to personal storms. They often hit us quite suddenly and when we least expect. But when we are faced with any sudden storm be it an illness, a bereavement, a broken relationship, the loss of a job, an unexpected crisis, we have to dig deep. Often the only things that will get us through, is the love of family and friends, the hope that their support and encouragement can bring and faith in a loving God to help us through. What is the personal storm in your life at the moment? What is the personal storm of someone close to you? Can you be the one to reach out and bring God’s hope, comfort and love into their lives at this time?