Photo was taken at Vernon Mount, Cork (Irl)

Brave is a word that doesnt even come close to describe the heights and bumps that these riders experience. A motocross event is always a great photo opportunity!

Thought on Wednesday – November – 17/11/2010

‘It is never too late to be what you might have been’ ~George Eliot

One constant theme throughout scriptures is how God never closes the door on anyone. Even when people tested, ignored and abandoned God, the door was never closed. We’ve all experienced others closing doors on us: rejection, betrayal, ignored, left to our own devices, no support and so on. It’s never a nice place to be and sadly it happens way too often. To say that God never closes the door on anyone may not be the experience of everyone. Many feel that genuine heartfelt prayers went unheeded. Other significant knocks in life meant that it felt as if the door was closed. But we are gently reminded how God always holds the door open. The invitation is to step forward. Just because things haven’t worked out for us back along should not be a reason to throw the towel in. It is never too late to make a fresh start, to retry and to be open to new beginnings. Others may close the door on us but at least with God the door is always open. Have I thrown the towel in? Do I feel it’s too late to restart? Can I begin to trust myself and believe that I can take a positive start forward?