Photo was taken last night at Ballincollig Community Centre, Co.Cork (Irl)

Nicole Ní Loingsigh and Colmán Ó Maoldomhnaigh are caught in a lovely moment as part of a night of drama, performed by students from Coláiste Choilm. All the various drama groups in the school got to perform their show in front of a packed audience.

Thought on Friday – April – 15/04/2011

‘A kind word spoken can make another’s day. A kind word not spoken leaves an empty hole.’ ~Author Unknown

We need little reminding how negative stories tend to grab all the headlines. Every negative story seems to have the energy to generate another and we can get swamped with so much of it around. That is why it’s so important that every community, family and person makes sure that the good news stories do not get swamped and lost. We need to promote good news and a great place to start is with a kind word for someone today. Just as a negative story can generate negative, the power of a kind and positive word knows no bounds. It can uplift, encourage, instil hope and make today special for someone in a way we mighn’t have even thought possible. Sadly today there are lots of empty holes and lost opportunities, when a chance to speak a kind word was let go. It’s all in our mindset. Can I choose a kind and encouraging word for someone today?