Photo was taken at Tramore, Co.Waterford (Irl)

A kiteboarder takes a flying jump in a lovely breeze and beautiful sunshine on Tramore beach. We are all familiar with kitesurfing on water, the latest version of it is doing it on the beach as another option. It may look easy, but with a big kite overhead powering you along at speed, great skills are required to master this sport.

Thought on Thursday – March – 21/04/2011

‘Generosity is not a quality of God’s nature; it is God’s nature.’ ~Gregory Collins

In many churches the celebration of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper will take place this evening. It starts the drama, tension, darkness and the unexpected twists and turn of events over the coming days. Easter hasn’t been this late for many years and with everything in nature bursting into life at the moment, the timing is just right. The Last Supper is all about Jesus not just giving his life for his disciples but he also gives it to them, to us, to you and to me. God’s generosity knows no bounds. We may put limits on our giving, our generosity, our love and our time but God has no limits especially with generosity. To even make the point further Jesus began washing the feet of his disciples. Peter who always spoke his mind blurted out: “You will never wash my feet”. This was the last thing he or anyone expected Jesus to do. It was something below, beneath him and almost cheap. But for Jesus it was exactly right. Everything he did shattered what others expected of him. By washing their feet he was showing them just how much he was with them, how much he loved them and that he would do anything for them including washing the dirt and dust from their feet. He extends the same invitation to you and to all of us today: “Would you like your feet washed by me?”