Photo was taken at Aghinagh, Co.Cork (Irl)

These little Corgi pups seemed happy with their photoshoot!

Thought on Tuesday – March – 13/03/2012

‘We tend to be a little afraid of silence. We become restless and feel we should be doing something useful. To persevere with it, we need to believe in its value. What is its value? It is the presence of God, so it is beyond price, as God is beyond price.’ ~Donagh O’Shea

It is fair to say that we do our best to avoid silence. There is an urge to fill silence with noise and it is so easy to do it today, just turn on the radio or have the television going in the background. Even when we go out and about it’s already done for us. Shops have music in the background, just in case we get uncomfortable with silence. Today one must search for quiet places. The value of a quiet room or place is priceless. It allows us to unwind and be ourselves. From a spiritual point of view, it is so much easier to find God in quietness and silence rather than the middle of noise and distractions. Silence can be distracting too as our thoughts race from what we have been doing to what we should be doing. But somewhere in quietness and stillness is the quiet presence of God. In there God is closer to us than we are to ourselves. Will I be able to make time for a quiet moment today?