Photo was taken yesterday at Altamount, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)

A bumble bee works a heather flower. Despite being way heavier than the little flower it still managed to hold on and patiently collect the nectar.

Thought on Tuesday – March – 20/03/2012

‘Too often religion masks God. The emphasis is about unmasking the distant God we were often told about and restoring to our deepest centre, a warm, human, ever forgiving Father/Mother who is helplessly in love with us. Today we need to feel the comforting presence of God in the ordinary moments of our lives.’ ~Daniel J O’Leary

Because Saint Patrick’s Day fell on a Saturday this year, it meant yesterday was a Bank Holiday across Ireland. The celebrations and festivities were spread out over the few days, creating a nice relaxed weekend and the weather was also very kind. While we move on today there are many other special saint feast days spread across the year. The stories of these men and women remind us that we all have much in common, especially our search for meaning and fulfilment in life. These saints were not perfect or had everything worked out. They often struggled like each of us to make sense of the complexities of life. Importantly they also share with us their enthusiasm about God and how God is helplessly in love with us. This is something we often take completely for granted or even something we can’t understand. St Patrick and other such people remind us to celebrate God in our everyday lives. We will find God not so much in the spectacular but in the quiet ordinary moments of our everyday lives. This could be a good day to begin to feel the comforting presence of God in what we have planned today.