Photo was taken at Mushera on the Millstreet/Rylane Road, Co.Cork (Irl)

A few blades of grass peep through some unexpected early snow on Thursday morning

Thought on Saturday – November – 03/11/2012

‘One of the deepest impulses is the impulse to record, to scratch a drawing on something, to etch a name on a tree, to rub a stone off a wall or to keep a diary. This instinct of recording the present into the past is the very basis of civilisation.’ ~John Chapman

All of us are shaped today by all that has happened in the past. We need to realize that the life, culture and experience of those gone before us still have an influence in our lives. That is why during this month of November we pray for those who have died in a special way. Some might ask why March or April wasn’t picked when new life is in abundance all around in nature. It would link in very much with the idea of Resurrection and eternal life. But November has been picked so that we are indeed in touch with the darkness of our own lives and our own significant losses. It can be a bleak and lonely month. There are few hiding places only to face the reality that we do miss our loved ones in lots of different ways. In remembering all those who have died we acknowledge their influence in our own lives. These people were special and important to us. In remembering them during this month, it is our way of saying they are still special and important to us and always will be. May they rest in peace.