Photo was taken yesterday at Altamount, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)

Yesterday was a mixture of rain, sunshine and rainbows and our photo today captures the beauty of one of those moments.

Thought on Sunday – November – 11/11/2012

Our reflection today is by Triona Doherty called ‘On the Breadline’

An artwork by German artist Fritz Eichenberg entitled “Jesus in the breadline”, depicts Jesus waiting in line for food, among the poor. The black and white wood carving shows Jesus standing alone and in apparent silence, head bowed, among a group of men and women, who pull their garments around them to warm themselves as they stand in line. A halo or it could be the moon, surrounds Jesus’ head, its light bouncing off the clothes of those around him and illuminating the background.

The piece reminds us of the tendency of Jesus to walk with the poor and those who were outcast or marginalised. On many occasions in the Gospels, Jesus is seen to spend time with the ‘least’ of the people in society, and he often holds the poorest and most humble people up as an example. On the other hand, he has little time for those who put on an outward show, or who elevate themselves to positions of importance.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Jesus shows great empathy and admiration for the poor widow in today’s Gospel, who is the opposite of the show-off scribes. When it comes to humility and generosity, she is closest to living out the gospel message of Jesus. ‘She, from the little she had, has put in everything she possessed, all she had to live on.’