Photo was taken yesterday at Gougane Barra, West Cork (Irl)

It was another beautiful day in Gougane Barra yesterday. Early mist and fog was replaced by beautiful warm sunshine. With little rain in recent weeks, it means that many of the streams are flowing much more gently.

Thought on Wednesday – September – 10/09/2014

Thought For The Week

‘Lord God and maker of all things, creation is upheld by you. While all things must change and know decay, you are unchanging and always new.’ ~From The Breviary

There is a lot in this prayer that touches on many aspects of life and living. It first recognises that God is at the centre of life. God is the heartbeat of creation. It recognises that everything is changing. Nothing in life stands still and everything living must also come to an end at some stage. While we know death is part of life, we often struggle to understand it, accept it or be comfortable with it. We are not on our own here and many feel the same way.

The line ‘You are unchanging and always new’ is worth reflecting on. Something that doesn’t change suggests that it is stuck, stale and old so how can it be new? When the word ‘unchanging’ is made in reference to God it means that God’s love for us never changes. In living our daily lives we do great things and do lots of things so well. We also make mistakes, we fall and we are sometimes all over the place. We think we have pushed ourselves outside of God’s love. But nothing like this can happen because God’s love for us is constant, unchanging and eternal. It is a rock solid foundation to build our lives on, a light to guide us, the air we breathe and the blood in our veins. It is always there and will never change. Every day is a new beginning, as is every hour, minute and every moment. God is in there too, unchanging but always new.

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