This photo caught my eye yesterday..A Jay bounces through the snow in Kielder Forest, Northumberland.
Photo by Press Association


Thought on Friday – December – 12/12/2014

Thought For The Week

‘From Mary we learn to trust even when all hope seems gone.’ ~Pope John Paul II

For some Monday was officially the countdown to Christmas. The feast day of the Immaculate Conception (Dec 8th) was traditionally a day when the Christmas shopping officially began. It may seem just like any other day but it is still a special day during the month of December. Spiritually it is recognition of Mary’s lack of flaws and weaknesses. In fact she had none. It marks Mary out as someone special as the mother of Jesus but it doesn’t mark her out as removed or distant from us. Like us she experienced the fragility of life and experienced many unexpected and difficult moments in her life. But at all times she put her trust in God. This is the challenge for us. Where would the world be if everyone just thought of themselves independent of others and of God? In all the complexities of life and the world we live in, we too are invited to put our trust in God. The feast day of Mary on Dec 8th, is a reminder that we will not be disappointed when we put our trust in God and it is also a day to ask Mary’s many blessings on each of us.