Photo was taken last evening at Altamount, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)

The sky was completely covered last evening with clouds, but just for a few seconds there was a brief parting and the beams of light poured through.

Thought on Tuesday – July – 12/07/2016

Thought For The Week

Last week we heard of a space probe called ‘Juno’ that made historic news by entering the orbit of the planet Jupiter. It’s journey to get that far has been eventful, elaborate and dangerous. To get to Jupiter has taken 5 years, travelling a staggering distance of 2.8 billion kilometres. The key moment during the week was when Juno’s rockets were fired to slow it down enough to get it near the gravity of Jupiter. The timing was crucial, because it could easily have shot past Jupiter into oblivion. Juno has now entered one of the solar systems harshest environments, where radiation is at frying levels. Juno is covered with titanium to protect it from the incredibly harsh radiation. It’s power source is the sun using large solar panels. Along with radiation, winds can rage up to 600 kph. Juno is now going to study the planet Jupiter and it will help scientists understand the history and formation of the wider solar system. All of this must take place within 20 months, because Juno will eventually succumb to the intense radiation.

Juno has some spiritual insights too. Everything in life takes time. Just as Juno traveled 5 years to get to its destination, we too must learn that everything of quality takes time. We live in a world of instant and the must have it now attitude. But quality and substance are never instant, particularly real values like love, peace and happiness.

Juno has to protect itself from severe radiation in outer space. We too need to protect ourselves from negative forces in life, from people who drain our energy levels and from toxic relationships. To do this we always need the help of a close friend, some interest or hobby to get us away from the negativity and we also need the support of family around us.

Juno gets its power from the sun, once it’s solar panels are tilted to the sun. We too can turn our solar panels to God, to energise us, to direct and sustain us. Juno is on a unique journey that will come to an end. Juno reminds us that we are also just pilgrims passing through this world. To maximise this journey, means living each day as God’s most precious gift to us.