Photo was taken at Little Island, Cork (Irl)

This pheasant had its eyes firmly on me, as I zoomed in for a closer look!

Thought on Wednesday – December – 14/12/2016

Thought For The Week

‘Bad news isn’t wine. It doesn’t improve with age.’ ~Colin Powell

It’s hard not to avoid bad, negative or sad news these days. It’s everywhere and at times we’re saturated with it. It’s like a cold damp miserable fog that just won’t blow away. Last Sunday we celebrated the 3rd Sunday of Advent better known as ‘Joyful Sunday’ or ‘Gaudette Sunday’. This is a wise and well thought through day and it puts the spotlight back onto the good and positive. On the Advent wreath the pink candle is lit and it always stands out. We mark, acknowledge and thank God for all the blessings in our own lives. No matter how small or insignificant this blessing may seem we mark and celebrate it. What’s the point you may say?

It is absolutely essential that we do not let waves of negative news smother the many small stories of good news in every community and in every person. It’s not a denial of what’s going on in our world. It’s not a denial of many sad stories in every community. But it is all about acknowledging that good news always does inspire. It gives us the momentum to keep going and keep us in touch with the heartbeat of life itself. In the midst of every cold damp and miserable fog, it is good to know that warmth and sunshine will always break through. Putting the spotlight on our good news this week puts important balance back into our lives. Why let bad news tilt us off balance? Celebrate your good news, celebrate something good in your life, welcome good news when you see it, encourage good news when you can and be good news whenever it is possible.