Photo was taken at Mizen Head, West Cork (Irl)

The sea looks so quite and calm in this photo but it wouldn’t look quite the same today with storm Barbara brushing up against the west of Ireland. The weather people say the storm will pass by quickly enough and will not affect Santa at all!

Thought on Friday – December – 23/12/2016

Thought For The Week

‘We need to stay grounded now in these final days before Christmas – never giving up on the ordinary, unglamorous slog that constitutes our daily lives.’ ~Michael Magill

Every person is a complex mixture of strengths and weaknesses, toughness and gentleness, good points and not so good. We are delicate and fragile. Yet we are also capable of showing remarkable resilience. Everyone’s personal story, beliefs and viewpoints are so varied and different. All have a place and as life is complex so are we.

At the heart of the message of Christmas, is that God is present in the middle of our own personal story. Our story is unique, different and special. God isn’t present on the outskirts but right in the middle of whatever is going on for us. It may not be pretty at times, it may not be exciting, it may even be a huge struggle but that’s where God wants to be. God isn’t the cause of complexities but is most definitely the cause of a sense of purpose, hope, light and a guiding force through these complexities.

Christmas opens the door to so many blessings and strengths that we all need. The door remains open right into 2017 too.