Wishing you a Happy Easter

Website returns after Easter holidays tomorrow Monday (April 24th)

Thought on Sunday – April – 23/04/2017

‘People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is shining but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.’ ~Elizabeth Kuble-Ross

Easter is a celebration of hope and letting the light in. This is the Easter story. The resurrection of Jesus will shatter the darkness. It has no escape. Easter is all about a great sense of hope, new beginnings and a new journey. If the story of Jesus had ended in the tomb it really would have been the end. There would have been no point continuing. The energy and momentum of his life would have been gone forever. But what happened on Holy Saturday night changed this forever. We say ”Jesus is risen’ rather than ‘Jesus has risen’. There is an important distinction here. In saying that Jesus is risen means he is still with us, still present in our world and is still present in our lives. Every day when we share love, nurture it, encourage it, celebrate it, embrace it and welcome love we are living the Easter message.

No wonder Easter is much more than a one day event. We are Easter people and without the light of the Resurrection we have nothing to hold onto. Life has little meaning without it. This Easter we are invited to be open to the light of Christ in our lives. If we return to the image of stained glass window, it is about recognising the light you have within. So often we take it for granted, ignore it or pretend others have it so much better. But our light is so precious. Allow it to be rekindled and energised this Easter. Wishing you a Happy Easter.