Photo was taken at the Cliffs Of Moher, Co.Clare (Irl)
Photo taken by Gareth McCormack

It is good to be back after the summer holidays. I hope you got a chance to unwind and relax too. As all our schools re open this coming week, we begin to get back to our normal routines again, refreshed and energised!

The stunning views from the Cliffs Of Moher are made more dramatic with a hiker dwarfed by the cliffs

Thought on Monday – August – 28/08/2017

Thought For Today is by Donal Neary called ‘Nothing but Jesus’

We all need some statements like Peter’s that give a rock and a meaning to life, It gives us a clue of where we belong at deeper levels. We all need statements that express our faith in God. For Peter it was his faith in Jesus, the son of God. This would keep him going all of his life, even at times of unfaithfulness and danger. He could never forget that he had said, ‘you are the Christ, the son of the living God’.

We might wonder who or what is a living God for us? Where we might put our basic trust? What is it that, if taken away, we would be lost without? We can give our lives to family, country, a political party, money. Some of these are worth our trust and some not so much.

We need the rock that Peter found in Jesus. He was called rock only because of his relationship with Jesus Christ, the one who calls forth our faith and love and gives our lives a huge meaning.

We want to give this to our younger people – a rock they can stand on in life, which nothing can demolish. This is Jesus, and in him all is created.